Garland Liquid Roofing Solutions

When it comes to liquid roofing solutions, we choose to work with Garland’s roofing products – a name synonymous with excellence, durability and leading edge technological development.

Garland provide us with an advanced range of cold applied liquid roofing solutions which are ideally suited to a whole range of roofing scenarios - from renovation, to new flat roofs, flat roof replacement, over-decking and overlaying. The solutions are flexible, extremely hardwearing, totally waterproof and carry a British Standards mark. Better still - because the systems are applied cold - there is minimal noise, odour and disruption on application.

As well as providing unbeatable protection to buildings, Garland liquid roofing solutions work in harmony with their environment thanks to the different mineral finishes available. Garland’s green roofs are also becoming increasingly popular due to their increased eco credentials.

Garland liquid roofing  products also offer excellent peace of mind as they are independently tested against the most stringent industry standards including Factory Mutual, Underwriter's Laboratories and BBA.

Through Garland we offer the following advanced roofing services:

  • Modified bitumen roofing systems
  • Cold applied liquid coatings
  • Leading maintenance products
  • Standing seam metal roofing solutions
  • Garland’s Green Shield roofing
  • Garland’s Solar Energy solutions

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