Topseal GRP flat roofing

Leeds isn’t exactly known for its dry, balmy climate so we only fit flat roofing solutions that we know will guarantee you no leaks, movement or rotting whatever the Yorkshire weather throws at them.

Traditional bitumen flat roofs have always required regular replacement and the alternatives, such as metal coatings or the conversion to a pitched roof have always proved prohibitively expensive. That’s why GRP is such a breakthrough - a cost-effective dependable solution to traditional flat roof problems.

Topseal is one of the largest and longest established GRP roofing companies in the country. The Topseal GRP flat roofing system will outlast and outperform virtually any other roofing material and it is for that reason that Greenhill Roofing decided to embark upon the training courses and vetting process to become an approved Topseal installer.

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Greenhill Roofing Contractors were asked to participate in the making of the new promotional DVD for the Cure-It GRP flat roofing system. The DVD below shows an example of a GRP flat roof installation carried out by Greenhill Roofing employees. Both the Cure-It and Topseal GRP systems are installed in the same way and so the installation shown could apply to either of these products.