Greenhill Roofing Contractors are proud to be approved installers of Kingfisher Kolourseal roof coatings and are highly trained in preparing and applying the full range of Kolourseal roof coating products.

Preparing your roof for Kolourseal

Once we’ve helped choose the right shade of Kolourseal for your roof, we’ll begin to prepare the area on which the coating will be applied.

The preparation process involves cleaning your roof gently but thoroughly with an industrial rotary pressure jet pressure washer and wire brush to safely and effectively remove all debris and plant matter. At this point we’d also recommend re-pointing/re-bedding ridges and verges and replacing any loose or broken tiles to ensure the best possible results.

Kingfisher Bio-wash Cleaner is then applied to remove any stubborn plant roots and prevent further organic growth.

Applying the Kolourseal coating

Once we’re happy that the roof area is ready, we’ll apply two coats of the Kolourseal roof coating using our professionally designed industrial airless paint sprayer. Our team has undergone the approved Kingfisher Kolourseal training process, so you can rest assured that your roof will be in the very safest hands.

Once the final coat has dried, you’ll then be free to enjoy the spectacular results for the next 10 years.

Kingfisher Kolourseal roof coatings

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